Value Chain

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Public and Community Internet Access projects have consistently failed throughout Africa, and across much of the developing world, because some basic sustainability drivers have been ignored or not considered.

We address these Value Chain Drivers through our User-Up approach

  1. Establishing REAL community partnerships - where the community is represented through a legitimate organisation that co-owns and operates the project so that real skills transfer takes place. 
  2. A sustainable business model that caters to the unique needs and challenges of African communities – one that requires multiple revenue streams, in addition to several other elements, and the majority of the revenue must remain in the community.
  3. International, regional and local development partners, with a successful track record of using connectivity to drive economic and skills development projects in un/under-served communities, are key to universal access projects.
  4. Having the right capital and impact funding partners who understand that it is the relationship between the balance sheet and the socio-economic requirements/benefits of the project that creates REAL impact.