Our Audience

Connect Earth services the entire connectivity supply chain from the user through communities, infrastructure, networks, technology, content, development, and finance.

1. Telecoms

 The pain point Our remedy 
Telecom operators and communication networks today are selling a commodity service in a competitive deflationary market.

To assist you in leveraging your assets to increase market penetration and revenues by using innovative new commercial modelling and product development to complement, enhance and expand your existing products & services portfolio.

 2. Consulting / Advisory/ Professional Services

 The pain point Our remedy 

Emerging markets are often misunderstood and underestimated – particularly the un/underserved community requirements within those markets. This is compounded by companies and organisations in developed market economies lacking effective implementation partners on the ground in emerging markets.

Providing thought leadership across the TMT value chain for servicing un/underserved communities in these emerging markets. Our curated network of strategic partners in-country specialise in delivering Internet access & access technology solutions.

 3. Community Leaders

 The pain point Our remedy 

Many community leaders in un/underserved regions face the same challenges of unemployment, poverty, lack of skills and a disenfranchised, dissatisfied, and frustrated community.

Our remedy:  To work with all community leaders from all sectors (tribal, social, development, religious) to demonstrate and implement sustainable Internet access and technology solutions tailored to suit the socio-economic requirements of the community.

4. NGOs/NPOs

 The pain point Our remedy 

Non-government and non-profit organisations in emerging markets are often exploited in unfamiliar new markets and spend an inordinate amount of time to find effective and trusted local suppliers and implementation partners.

We specialise in the effective implementation of  Internet access & technology projects for un/underserved communities in emerging markets through our curated network of local partners.

5. Governments

 The pain point Our remedy 

Governments have the mandate to deliver public services with Internet access rapidly becoming a “must have”. The technical and sustainability elements of public access are complex and most emerging market governments are ill equipped to provide a crucial service that could make or break their mandate. 

By understanding every stage of the public access value chain we are well placed to advise Governments on effective and sustainable public Internet access solutions. We are then able to work with local network partners to deliver appropriate solutions so that governments can deliver on their socio-economic mandates.

6. Emerging Market Investors

 The pain point Our remedy 

Any investor considering investing in emerging markets, particularly those seeking impact in addition to financial return, will eventually face a lack of qualified deal flow. Experienced local partners in emerging markets with the due diligence and troubleshooting expertise required by developed market investors are in short supply which slows deal flow even further.

Our focus on servicing un/underserved communities exposes us to multiple investment opportunities across all emerging markets. Our curated network of local partners help us identify, qualify and deliver Internet access and related technology deals that might otherwise have been missed